Rose – How to photograph your pet jumping spider


Learn my Step by Step Process for Photographing and Retouching Jumping Spider images.

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Jumping spider Portraits!

Where to buy / handle a jumping spider
How to photograph your jumping spider
Stacking and post processing in Photoshop and Lightroom
Soft proofing in Lightroom and Photoshop and printing

Learn where to buy a jumping spider and how to handle them during your photoshoots. Learn everything I know and do to make my jumpers feel safe and secure!

Learn how I photograph my jumping spiders, from camera gear, Lighting, backgrounds, how to take a stacked image, and setting up the scene for the spider to be in. Nothing is left out of this video tutorial series!

Learn how to take our stacked images into Adobe Photoshop to combine them into one image with a higher depth of field. Taking the final image into Adobe Lightroom for final color editing.

Learn how to soft proof your images in both Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, we’ll get the image ready to be sent off to a print lab to be printed onto metal.

Contents of this tutorial series!

Included in Rose…

17 Videos with two hours of tutorials:

Run Time:

Rose – How to photograph your pet jumping spider is like a one-to-one workshop from the comfort of your home. I go through everything from start to finish: setting up, camera gear, lighting, handling, stacking, and together, we work through the stacking, retouching, and printing.

– Stewart wood

All project files included

Not only will you receive the Raw files to Rose so you can follow along with the stacking and editing but you will also receive another six separate image stacks to play with… Take what you learn from this tutorial series and apply it to the remaining six images, show me your final edits!

Not just for pet jumping spiders!

All of the techniques in this video tutorial series will work on wild jumping spiders and other subjects as well.

Watch the introduction to this video series to see what you will learn!

Customer reviews!

Adam Calver
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Since I watched this tutorial I have taken pictures of my gecko and snakes and found they have come on leaps and bounds!
Mark Dunn
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Stewart resolved my issue quickly and his customer support was superb. I have bought the Macro Presets and background which are absolutly Superb and highly recommended. I put them to use this morning and the resulting photograph of my spider are now displayed on the wall. The Rise video link is working and downloading the video onto my pc. Superb products and outstanding Customer Service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I bought the tutorial but I don’t see an email to download it.

A: Please check the spam folder in your inbox. Allow 1-3 minutes for digital delivery.

Q: Is this tutorial just for pet jumping spider photography?

A: No, most of the methods in this video tutorial will work on wild jumping spiders as well as other subjects.

Q: Can I return the tutorial after purchasing it?

A: The tutorial is a digital download and non-refundable, if you receive a faulty USB drive I will replace it.

Q: My internet is too slow and I can’t download it?

A: There will be an option for a USB stick that you can but if needed.

Q: I have a fast internet connection but the download keeps failing or is slow?

A: Sometimes there can be errors with downloading the files, location, or a slow service on my end. Contact me and I’ll send it via a different method.

Q: Why does this tutorial look different from your YouTube videos?

A: This tutorial series was filmed before I upgraded my video gear for YouTube.

Q: I can’t load the Raw files into Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop?

A: The Raw files included in this tutorial series were taken on a Canon EOS R and R5 (.cr3 files), please make sure you have up to date software in order to be able to open and edit the files.

Q: What version of Adobe Lightroom / Photoshop is needed?

A: This tutorial series was recorded using Adobe Lightroom Classic (2019) and Adobe Photoshop CC (2019). You can follow along with older versions of the software but they may not open some of the raw files (see above).

Q: Can I watch the videos on my Ipad / Phone?

A: Yes you can, however, you will need to download and unzip the files on a computer first before transferring the files over to your phone/pad.

Q: Is this a subscription?

A: No, once your order has gone through you can download the files from your account page or the email you will receive. The tutorial is yours to keep.

Q: I have run out of downloads, what can I do?

A: Contact me and I’ll sort you out.

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