23 Nov

Master your macro photography editing with Macro Presets V3!

Are you editing your macro photography images? If not, you’re missing out on 50% of the creative process. Today, I’ve got something truly amazing to share with you, a game-changer for your macro photography! I’m excited to introduce you to the future of macro photography editing – Adobe Lightroom presets with AI subject selections!

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14 Aug

Capturing the Hidden Beauty: Macro Photography Under the Night Sky

I always tell you to go out early in the morning for the best results, now I’m going to show you. I headed out at 3AM to do some macro photography, I had to heavily edit this Macr Photography RAW video as the original was over 2 hours long and untouchably the battery on my phone died before we finished but you get all the info you need in this video to get successful shots at night.

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