Welcome to my Macro Photography Workshops, where the intricate beauty of the small world comes to life through your lens. Designed for both beginners and seasoned photographers, my workshops offer hands-on guidance and expert insights into capturing stunning close-up images of nature, textures, and everyday objects. Whether you’re fascinated by the delicate details of flowers, the mesmerizing patterns of insects, or the hidden textures in mundane objects, my comprehensive sessions provide the skills and techniques needed to elevate your macro photography to new heights. Join me and discover the art of seeing the unseen!

Avalable workshop's

Studio-based macro photography workshop

Join me in the studio for basic macro photography tuition, choose from jumping spiders or water droplets.

Outdoors macro photography workshop

Join me out in the field and learn the basics of field-based macro photography on live insects.

Macro image editing workshop

Join me in the studio as I take you through how I edit my macro photography images using Lightroom and Photoshop.